7th May 2013


Attention All Transporters!!!

North-West University along with its industry partners Techsolutions (Suppliers of RFID Technology Systems) and TLC Group (Pty) Ltd (Facilitator) are conducting a research project in cooperation with SANRAL, SARS and the RTMS that investigates improved trade corridor processes. This includes systems and processes to reduce the repeated weighing of vehicles that are within limits as well as automated customs risk assessment based on tracking data to streamline the processing of compliant consignments through border posts. The success of the project is dependent upon the voluntary participation of transporters in order to generate a statistically representative body of evidence.

The project is conducted in three phase:

- During Phase 1 existing trip planning and GPS tracking data is used to determine the extent to which and the reasons why actual performance deviates from planned performance.  To successfully complete this phase we need (anonymous) data from transporters that reflects trip planning (when was a particular truck doing a specific route planned to leave, reach its destination and return to its home base) as well as actual GPS tracking of the truck for the same trip.

- During Phase 2 we will equip a representative sample of trucks with passive RFID tags (stuck to the windshields) to physically detect the progress of trucks through check points (e.g. WIMs and static scales) – this will be combined with more intelligent rules to prevent the unnecessary repeated static weighing of trucks.

- During Phase 3 we will equip a limited number of trucks with additional telemetry equipment (e.g. checking door open/close status, internal temperature, etc.) to investigate the extent to which telemetry can be used to manage road transport operations more effectively (e.g. do electronic surveillance of its security status or implement electronic proof-of-delivery). 

NWU is prepared to share the results of the study free of charge with those transporters who are prepared to participate in the project. There will be no cost to transporters that participate, other than to make available the requested data as well as providing access to the vehicles or trailers to allow the installation of equipment. Unfortunately the pilot project will be restricted to South African transporters and or foreign registered transporters who have a base, depot or branch in the Gauteng region where there will be easy access to vehicles & trailers to mount and monitor the equipment on a regular basis.


Interested parties can contact Mike Fitzmaurice using the details below:-


Landline: +27 41-360 8170


Cell: +27 73 696 8390


E-Mail: mike@freightintoafrica.com or mike@translogafrica.com


For those Transporters who would like to participate further in this pilot project the following supporting documentation can be down loaded:

  1. NWU Letter of Invitation to Transporters
  2. SANRAL Letter of Approval to NWU
  3. Non Disclosure Agreement - NWU

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