2nd July 2013


Average Border Crossing Times

Week Ending 20/09/2013

Courtesy: Global Track 

As you know at GlobalTrack we are always looking at ways to give back to our customers.

One of the pressing issues in cross border transport is the waiting time to cross the border. Are you doing it in the same time as your peers or are there ways to improve your operation? Typically very hard to measure but not any more! 

GlobalTrack is giving you the average waiting time at different border posts on a weekly basis. We get this data from the large dataset of our clients that cross the borders on a daily basis. All information is anonymous and will help you to measure and optimize your operation.

Do you want to measure your own fleets waiting time? Just use a time-geofence in WebTrack. It will automatically measure the time a vehicle is spending at the border and even better will notify you via email if it takes too long.

Need help at setting up time-geofences? Contact support@globaltrack.com for more information.



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