7th May 2013


Significant growth for the Walvis Bay Corridors


Source of Information: WBCG

(Walvis Bay Corridor Group)

The Walvis Bay Corridors performed strongly in the movement of commodities through the Port of Walvis Bay to southern Africa with a record increase of more than 54% during the past financial year. This represents a total of 682 333 tons of cargo that moved along these corridors which is 240 000 tons more than the previous financial year. The Trans Kalahari Corridor, which connects the Port of Walvis Bay with the Botswana, South Africa and Zimbabwe markets, showed an impressive 115% growth; the Walvis Bay-Ndola-Lubumbashi Development Corridor, which connects the Port of Walvis Bay with the Zambia and the DRC markets, showed a substantial 75% growth; and the Trans Cunene Corridor which connects the port of Walvis Bay to Angola, showed a 29% growth.

“We have continued our campaign to communicate and engage with the shipping and logistics community to attract them to Walvis Bay and to create more capacity amongst our Walvis Bay corridors. New shipping lines have started to call Walvis Bay as well as some have set up new offices to expand their services via Walvis Bay into the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) region. We have also seen more logistics service providers from the region and further abroad that has started to develop their footprint in Walvis Bay. This therefore allows more choice for our customers within the SADC region and also allows for a bigger variety of service aspects to attract new customers along our corridors,” said Johny Smith, the CEO of the Walvis Bay Corridor Group (WBCG).

Mr. Bisey Uirab, the Chairman of the WBCG said, “Continuously the WBCG’s work is being distinguished in the regional and international market as for its attitude in growing through persistence, and its unique private public participation at various levels in the region, on the continent and further abroad. This recipe

of success continues to bring new and more rewards of growth as we also strengthen our role, create new partnerships and networks to develop trade and economics with the SADC region.”

The growth of the Walvis Bay Corridors can be attributed to the intense marketing campaigns in the regional and international arena through increasing awareness of the benefits that the Walvis Bay Corridors have to offer hence resulting in a market increase for an efficient service.


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