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NP&A - P.O. Box 2495 - Prestondale 4021 - Durban - South Africa

Tel: +27 31 566 5040

Nick Porée and Associates (NP&A) is a transport economic and policy consultancy,  positioned to provide research and consulting services in Africa  

NP&A has a developed network of connections  with professional researchers, experts and consultants in all transport modes and logistics activities in Africa to provide service to private and governmental organisations 

NP&A is selective of  collaboration with research and consulting organisations and has built networks with some of the most effective consultancies with expertise in many different disciplines 

NP&A has links to senior experienced and expert individuals with years of effective consulting and research history permitting us to assist in setting up contacts and professional connections for many different applications 

NP&A has an exceptional overview of the transport systems of Sub-Saharan Africa and  continually monitors developments in the field in Africa 

NP&A has extensive present and past involvement in research, economic and policy studies in railways, road freight, roads, maritime and ports, airports and pipelines as well as inter-modal developments.

The expertise within Nick Porée  and Associates in  research and consulting includes the ability to offer the following specialisations and services:


Economics                                                                   Business Development

Transport Economics                                                  Feasibility Analysis

Business Management                                                 Research Project Management

Statistical Analysis                                                       Costing System Development

Traffic Surveys and Data Processing                          Vehicle Specifications

Road Transport Regulation                                         Logistics Systems Evaluation

Transportation policy and Administration                  Freight Transport Legislation

Regional Transport Integration                                   Road Freight Policy

Cross-Border Research                                               Weighbridge Management

Regional Policy Studies                                               Overloading Systems Development

Databank Systems                                                       GIS Mapping

Contracts Evaluation                                                  Freight Transport Modelling


Nick Porée and Associates, incorporated in 2008, is based in Durban, South Africa with links to the busy ports of Durban, Richards Bay and Cape Town and a wide knowledge of logistics in industries all over Southern Africa. 

Management of NP&A

Managing Director is Nick Porée – B. Com. MCIT  CILTSA,  PMIMH (SA), who has been Research Project Manager and transport consultant engaged in transport economic and business research in Southern Africa for over 25 years. He worked with the Research Unit Institute for Transport and Physical Distribution Studies (RTPS) at Rand Afrikaans University and  CSIR–National Institute for Transport and Road Research [NITRR], as well as various consultancy firms as a sub-contracted project manager, transport economist/expert in transport research projects .

Authored much of the initial course material for the National Diploma series in Road Transport Management and wrote and lectured for many years.

He developed the methodology and managed the implementation of the National Freight Transport Data Bank that has been in progress for the past 10 years in South Africa.

Past projects include the management of the Freight Section of the National Transport Master Plan project for SA:DOT and more recently as Transport Consultant to the SADC-COMESA-EAC Tripartite Alliance on the subject of Liberalisation of Road Transport in the Southern African Region

Was manager or transport economist-expert in  multimodal research projects in Southern Africa for World Bank, SADC, Comesa, USaid, Dfid, parastatals, financial institutions and a number of government departments at all levels in South Africa 

Private sector consultancy work has included involvement in management, systems, economic and financial projects for a wide range of companies such as Tongaat-Hulett, Eskom, Transnet, UPC, UPC, Hill Forestry, Bracken Timbers, Roadway, Cargo Carriers, Ned Travel, Nedbank, OTK, Ingwe Coal, TBI, NSB and others.


Administration Director of NP&A is Rekha Sookream, graduate of Diploma in Road Transport Management at University of Johannesburg.

Past project involvement includes creation of the provincial Freight Transport databanks, weighbridge management numerous research projects and  Transport Liberalisation studies in ESA.

Has extensive experience in project management, data control, web site input and verification procedures, manpower planning, budgeting and project accounting.

Currently provides the project management service to the KZN Freight Task Group, which meets quarterly in Durban to provide an important liaison between industry and Provincial government.

External Associations and Networking

In addition to the Directors of the company, NP&A has forged ties of cooperation and networking with a number of  external associates whose expertise covers aspects of rail transport operations, road transport management, civil engineering and traffic research, economic research and consultancy, weighbridge management, and transport operations management consulting 

The breadth of experience available to NP&A, provides an unusually balanced approach to transportation research and consultancy with a mixture of academic professionalism and extensive practical managerial experience in several modes of transport 

The individuals and organisations, with which NP&A is associated, have proved their capabilities over time and have proven ability to complete projects, to specification on time, and within budget.

NP&A’s  project management capability has proven to be a major strength of the organisation with a focus on achieving effective results within the time and budget constraints of the terms of reference.

NP&A provides  the secretariat to the newly formed Southern African Freight Transport Institute (SAFTI)  - saftiweb@gmail.com

NP&A also provides the Secretariat to the KwaZulu Natal Freight Task Group that is managed for the KZN Freight Directorate of the Department of Transport.



  • Transport Economist/Logistics Expert– eThekwini Transport and Logistics Study (ETA 2013)
  • Freight Transport Expert to the Study of Transport Trade in Services in SADC Region (GIZ) (2012)
  • Analysis and recommendations regarding Liberalisation of Road Transport in the ESA Region – Phase 2 (SADC)  (2012)
  • Evaluation of options for UPP Levy on the Trans-Kalahari Corridor (TKCMC)(2010)
  • Analysis and recommendations regarding Facilitation of Road Transport Liberalisation in the SADC area – Phase 1 (SADC) (2010)
  • Evaluation of traffic options for new Agriport development  in port of Durban (Transnet) (2010)
  • Description of African East Coast ports (ASCLME Programme: World Bank)
  • Investigation of causes, extent and costs of delays at 6 South African Border Posts (DOT:SA) (2010)
  • Analysis and Reports: Phases 1-3 Freight transport (all modes) National Transport Master Plan (NATMAP) ( DOT: SA)
  • Investigation of Need and Feasibility of Truck-stops in Kwa Zulu Natal.
  • Investigation of legality of High Cube Containers on Road, Recommendations made to DOT Pretoria, with decisions still pending. (Durban Harbour Carriers Association)
  • Feasibility of Establishment of a Multi-modal Logistics Hub at Harrismith [Phase 2] Scoping and situation report. (Free State and National DOT).
  • Feasibility for Establishment of Truck-stops near the port of Durban.
  • Analysis of Road Freight Transport on the Urban Corridors of Western Cape (Western Cape Provincial Government and National Department of Transport)
  • Analysis of Potential for Increasing Usage of Rail Branch Lines in Kwa Zulu Natal .
  • As well as many consulting projects for companies, in the fields of costing, vehicle specification, contract feasibility, systems, management and operations.


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