27th June 2013

Tyre Management Technology 

Fleet Aid provides tyre technology solutions to Commercial and Earth Moving tyre industries.  From electronic tools for tyre inspections, RFID tyre tags to advanced Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS), Fleet Aid has a complete range of products and services for every aspect of tyre management.


Fleet Aid supplies cost effective solutions to improve asset efficiency and control using proven and reliable systems.

  • Tyre inspection tools and software
  • Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) for EM equipment, Truck & Bus 
  • Radio Frequency Identification Devices (RFID) for tyres 
  • Complete tyre management solutions

Mobile Electronic Tyre Inspection Solution 


“Tyre Aid” inspection software and the Translogik Pro-Kit makes the tyre inspection process simple, accurate and fast for fleets of truck, bus and passenger vehicles.

Tread depths and pressures are captured automatically by the tyre probe and are electronically transmitted via Bluetooth to a pocket PC (PDA). The PDA also provides configurable interfaces to capture additional tyre information.  Namely the tyre’s life, size & pattern, serial number and maintenance observations.

  • Electronic ‘Best Practices’
  • Rugged and reliable tools
  • Accurate data capture- no manual errors
  • Paperless and efficient
  • User friendly software
  • Graphical Reports
  • Flexibility

“Our mobile electronic tyre inspection solution makes surveying 50% faster, 100% accurate and reporting instantaneous.”


The inspection tools and process are user-friendly and guide the user sequentially through the survey steps.  This ensures a standardized, thorough and accurate survey is completed.
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Tyre Aid allows fleet operators and tyre service providers to obtain precise information regarding their fleet condition and assists in improving efficiency and reducing operating costs.  It enables informed tyre purchase and maintenance decisions to be made based on the accurate information collected during these inspections.

Tyre Aid is flexible, allowing data to be shared with other SQL servers, databases and Tyre Management Systems.  Information and reports can be hosted for a multiple user/site environment and data can also be exported as a .CSV data-file on request for use in other software such as MS Excel. 

As part of this editorial we’re offering a 30 day Tyre Aid Free Trial  (excludes hardware). 

More information can be downloaded here Tyre Aid User Guide


Tyre Aid is RFID Ready

RFID tyre patches assign each tyre casing with its own unique electronic ID.  This ID remains with the casing throughout its whole life cycle and even withstands the retreading process.  It allows the tyre to be easily identified without needing to be manually captured as with a serial number, branding mark or barcode.

Translogik’s iProbe not only measures tyre tread depth and pressure, it also reads UHF RFID and receives actual temperature and pressure data directly from our Trucksense TPMS  wheel sensors.  For a demonstration view the video below.

All of this information is processed by Tyre Aid.  It accepts the unique RFID serial number and can request the actual temperature and pressure of each tyre as part of the inspection process.

Inspection tool
















*Information provided courtesy of Fleet Aid, Cape Town, South Africa, for more information contact Allister Thurman:


Office: +27 (0)21 7942833

Email: sales@fleetaid.co.za




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