Border Crossing Monitoring along the Northern Corridor

Authors: Mike Fitzmaurice (TLC) and Olivier Hartmann (SSTAP)

Preview: Facilitating the movement of goods and persons across borders requires integrated border management. Two levels of integration are important: nationally, between the entire border management agencies represented at the border, and internationally,between the border management agencies on each side of the border.


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The Chirundu Border Post

Author: Barney Curtis (FESARTA)

Preview: The economic function of trade and transit corridors is to promote bothinternal and external trade by providing efficient transport and logisticsservices. Typically, numerous parties and entities have to contribute various components and services within a corridor. These include different levels of government, agencies responsible for infrastructure, agencies at border posts, transport operators, and logistics service providers such as freight forwarders, clearing agents, etc. Unless the services provided by these parties are properly synchronized, their actions may not yield an efficient system and the corridor may not function well. However, until recently data on how each actor and the whole system are performing have not always been readily available.


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