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Service and Provision

TLC understands the diversity within an organisation and will tailor make our services to fit in with our clients’ needs.

We supply the following services:

  • Trade Facilitation in Africa - Consulting Services
  • Border Post and Corridor Monitoring Solutions (TRANSLOG) 
  • VTS (Vehicle Tracking Solutions) - GPS/Satellite Tracking Systems
  • Improving Cargo Visibility, Efficiency & Security Using RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Device) Technology
  • OSBP - design and traffic flows.   read more.......                                                   




OSBP Typical Traffic Flows





  • Assuring our clients of best practices and intentions
  • Analysis of border transit times and “bottlenecks”
  • Logistical chain monitoring solutions from point of origin to final destination
  • Status reporting on corridor routes/border posts/ports
  • Up to date reporting on trade related issues in Africa





 TRANSLOG is an Excel based data capture platform designed and developed by TLC for cross-border monitoring. The system currently relies on manually collected data using printed data capture sheets and information entered into the sheets by trained Enumerators strategically placed at stations outside and inside the Border Control Area to allow accurate collection of: -

  • Vehicle arrival times at the border

  • Vehicle Registrations for tracking purposes

  • Vehicle configurations

  • OD (Origin & Destination) information

  • Commodities carried

  • Tonnage of cargo

  • Entrance times into Customs Control Area

  • Submission of documents to Customs

  • Cargo Inspections

  • Release Order times

  • Final Exit times from the border

Once this information is captured into the Excel based data capture platform the program automatically generates number of user friendly reports consisting of tables and graphs covering the following outputs: -

  • Traffic volume counts by vehicle category (Day & Night Counts)

  • Arrival patterns at the border

  • Origin & Destinations of vehicles and cargo

  • Transporter Nationality of vehicles

  • Commodity or Cargo types by Customs classification

  • Detailed breakdown commodity tonnage by vehicle configuration

  • Frequency of Arrivals, Submissions and Departures

  • Distribution of Vehicle Dwell Times and comparison by Customs Pre-clearance

  • Border-crossing times by vehicle category and all vehicles

  • Border-crossing times by Customs pre-clearance and normal clearance

  • Border-crossing times by Customs Regimes i.e. SCT (Single Customs Territory), NTB (National Transit Bond), DI (Direct Import) and ER (Empty Returns)

TLC is currently at an advanced stage of semi-automating TRANSLOG using robust re-usable RFID tags and handheld readers to minimize the human error factor through manual data collection. This will also allow for reduction in the number of Enumerators required for data collection and the information collected via the handled readers and RFID tags will be upload to a cloud based platform from where it will be downloaded into the Excel based platform thus eliminating the need for data capturers and improving the accuracy and efficiency of the system.


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